Are you the owner of a Spiritual Business?

Or do you want to be?


Ask yourself if any of the following statements sound familiar…


I launched a site and work tirelessly at my business with less than stellar results.


I am doing well in my business, but feel I can do so much more and be of so much more service, but I don’t know how.


I have a dream and feel a calling to help people and the world but have no idea how to make it a reality.

Now imagine this…

Having someone create a blueprint to success with and for you

The work and effort you put into your business pays off and you achieve the abundance you want and deserve

You know how to tweak your business and approach so that you have the greatest impact on the world

I Can Help You!

Expert Guidance

I work with you to determine what your goals and desires are for your business and then create a solid plan to follow in order to make your goals a reality.


Great Design

I can create a website that truly represents who you are while being modern, visually appealing, responsive and effective.

Effective Marketing

Through proven processes and techniques, you can rest assured that I will assist you in finding the right audience and getting them to be your customer or client.

It was a pleasure to work with Robyn on the needed changes to our website. Her positive energy and loving heart shines through her work, and I was happy to have someone work on our site who “gets” what we do. As a developer, Robyn was thorough in delivering what we wanted done, and even after the job was complete she has been wonderful in answering questions that come up (which is a rare gem in the world of web developers). We hope to work with her again soon!

Kaity, GA

I have entrusted Robyn with guiding me through creating a multimedia product and a membership site to go with it. Truly a daunting task (for me at least)! She has made this process far easier and more inspiring than it could ever be if I was trying to figure this all out on my own.

Robyn is an artist and a visionary. When it comes to design, I clearly see in my mind how I want things to look and be, but I don’t have the artistic or technical abilities to make those designs a reality. When I share my visions with Robyn, she takes them in as her own and breaths life into them. She has made building my business and products a truly magical experience! … (continued)

Cassie, CT

Reiki Master/Teacher, Reiki Expressions

Being the owner of a Spiritual Business means that you are different…


  • Your business is not just a means to make a living but your life’s calling

  • You feel drawn to share your gift to help heal the world

  • You are a sensitive person and therefore need understanding and compassion when working with someone to help you grow your business


I can be that person for you!  I, too, am sensitive and understand the importance of what you do.  It is my mission to help people like you reach as many people as possible.  I work with you to make sure that what you put out into the world is a true representation of who you are as well as ensure that it reaches the right people and increases your mailing list and sales.

You might be asking yourself,

How can you help me?

For many years, having a website was enough.  Nowadays, your website is a means to an end.  It is actually a tool that you use to perform and complete your work.  I collaborate with you to fine tune your tool and make sure that it is helping you to it’s fullest potential.  Through great design and effective marketing, I make sure your site is utilizing all of the proven methods to increase your reach and your bottom line.  These are just a few of the items I will help you with and their average effectiveness so we know where to focus our energy.

  • Email Marketing 63%
  • Organic Search (SEO) 39%
  • Paid Search (PPC) 35%
  • Content Creation 28%
  • Social Media Marketing 28%

Robyn is someone you can trust with your work.  She is a creative and focused web designer who goes above and beyond her approach to help you reach your goals. Her attention to detail and her “intuitive nature” only adds to her expressive creations.  Robyn is the designer I entrusted to redesign my website.  She has crafted a wonderful, mobile friendly site that houses over 15 years of content in an easy to use and well designed site. I highly recommend her for any project, big or small, especially for those who wish to encourage the mind, body, spirit connection!

(*I created a custom template for Andrew to complete himself and it is a work in progress – 15 years worth of information is a lot to input so the new site isn’t done yet!  Do check out his current site for all of the great information and products…I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!)

Andrew Pacholyk, New York, NY

MS, L.Ac,

(continued)… The remarkable thing about Robyn is that she possesses both an intuitive spirit and a down-to-earth personality. In addition to her artistic abilities, she has a technical and practical know-how that makes everything she does both beautiful and pragmatic. It is rare to find someone able to so deftly accomplish both and that makes Robyn the only person I trust to guide me in the development of my business.

Cassie, CT

Reiki Master/Teacher, Reiki Expressions


Power Hour Strategy Session

  • 1 hour Skype strategy session with screen share
  • Review of current site or instruction on best practices to create one for a new business
  • Guidance and direction on possible fixes to help you
  • MP4 video of your session emailed to you
  • NO further commitment
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Complete Project Creation and Actualization

  • Brainstorming session to determine what your needs are
  • Custom blueprint with clear objectives and goals with the action steps required to achieve them
  • Complete creation and actualization of your project with you just providing direction
  • Custom video tutorial on how to maintain the site in the future
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Why can't I do this for myself?

No doubt about it – you can do it yourself.  But, have you yet?  Or the better question is, do you want to learn all of the things needed to do it? Or have the time to do it?  I am offering to provide you the experience and expertise that I have already gained in order to help you achieve more and do it NOW.  Also, keep in mind that every day your business isn’t making you money, it is costing you money.  

How long will it take for you to help me and see results?

The amount of time it takes for me to complete my work depends on what exactly I am doing for you.  On average, I can complete the work in 1-2 months.  The amount of time it takes to see results varies as well.  Variables include unpaid versus paid advertising,  effectiveness of ads that have been placed, success rate of sales and landing pages – to name a few.  Each of these variables are things I can help you to monitor and tweek so that you can make sure that your site and ads are doing what they are meant to do.  It’s always better to know what a problem is because then you can find a solution.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies based on what I am doing for you.  After consulting with you and figuring out what would best suit your needs and budget, I come up with a plan that fits both.  Everyone is different and the amount that they can invest is different, so I work with you to determine the right course of action for you to take so that you get optimum results without breaking the bank.

Why should I do this now?

I answer this question with another one – Why not now?  If you are here and are curious about how I can help you, then chances are you want more out of your business.  Wanting is never a fun feeling and why prolong a feeling that is unpleasant? You have the opportunity to make wanting go away as well as attract more abundance and wealth to you in the process.  And, like I have stated before, every day that your business isn’t making you money, it is costing you money…so why wouldn’t you want to start now and start earning the money you want and deserve while helping the people that need what you have to offer?

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