Your Energy-Based Designer

The world and everything we do is made up of energy.  Your attitude is energy, your time and the work you do is energy, and money is energy.  If you put out good energy, then good things and outcomes will come back to you.  We at RBR Designs are aware of this connection and it provides the foundation by which we help our clients. We design websites and all of our graphic designs so that they represent your energy because we see your site and projects as an extension of you.  

Whether you are a type of energy healer, a life coach or someone who owns a health food store, you have a passion and have been guided to turn that passion into your livelihood.  We can help you share your gifts, talents and passion in a way that is a true representation of who you are and what you do.  Click here to find out more.

Designing for the Person Behind the Business

The energy you bring to your business makes it what it is. We reflect your passion when building your site because it is an extension of you.

You might be an energy-based business owner if…

…your business is your passion

…you want to help people

…you feel drawn to do what you do

…you want to share your gift with the world

Recent RatTales…

Energy-Based Designing – Part 1

Energy-Based Designing – Part 1

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Frogs and Web Design – Part 2

Frogs and Web Design – Part 2

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Coming Out…of the Spiritual Closet

Coming Out…of the Spiritual Closet

You would think that coming out is something that would be easy for me.  But alas, this was a difficult decision to make.  You see, I have been struggling with my business and not for lack of skill or talent.  I have been trying to be something I am not and I can... read more
WordPress as a Tool

WordPress as a Tool

  I subscribe to the ElegantThemes newsletter and in one that I got this week there was a quote from WordPress educator Morten Rand-Hendrikson:   WordPress will be a tool in your overall tool kit. It should be something you master, but it should not be your... read more

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